Monday, June 14, 2010


I'm taking a break from cleaning my downstairs.  I've been cleaning, organizing, decluttering, decorating, and rearranging my home (mainly my office) this afternoon/evening.  I tend to be the person that if I muster up the motivation to work on something, I'm pretty focused.  I might just stay up the better part of the evening working on the project because, well, I can!  It's summer, and the only plans I have tomorrow is to be home and await the arrival of my new deep freezer (which I'm totally stoked about).

I finally hung my framed MMT diploma in my office...I figured it would probably be a good idea to hang it before I get my next master's degree.  Ha!  I have this interesting "wall of fame" thing going on in my office.  I didn't mean for it to happen, really, but I have my 2 diplomas, CBMT certificate, grant award, and AMTA award hanging on the wall.  I feel like it's a shrine to me or something, so in order to balance it out I hung a couple of rosaries on the frames.  :)

I've also decided I have WAAAAY too much work/music therapy "stuff."  It's bad.  I'm looking in my closet at the moment and I see 3 acoustic guitars (one belongs to work), 1 electric guitar, 1 bass guitar, and 1 child size acoustic guitar.  That's 6 guitars, folks!  I resorted to hanging my frame drums on my wall above my piano in order to store them more efficiently!  It does look kinda cool, however. :)  The bad part is that I really need the closet space for, well, clothes and such!  I am at the point where I may need to make my downstairs bathroom into a storage closet.  In fact, I kinda wish it *was* a closet instead of a bathroom!  lol.  Where in the world is all my crafting stuff going to go?  :-/

Anyway, as I frequently mention, I'm on summer break from work for the first time ever.  Yay.  I think I've finally realized how incredibly stressed I am during the school year.  I cannot remember the last time I felt this centered and healthy.  My body is showing me, in many different ways, how great this break thing is.  I'm not sure I will ever work ESY again unless I honestly need the extra money.  And because of this new found less-stressed-Mary, I'm actually enjoying domestic duties!  You heard it, and no, Hell did not just freeze over.  I'm enjoying the cleaning!  I can't wait until my new vacuum arrives and I can start really deep cleaning the place (along with being introduced to my newest purchase, the Magic Eraser).

I really, honestly, think that since I have been told my ENTIRE life that I am awful at being domestic, I believed it.  Well, maybe I'm not so great when I'm so stressed and busy that I can barely find time to shower.  However, I think I'm actually good at cleaning, cooking, etc.  And, I'm proving it to myself this week.  I'm very excited to get everything in order.  I've moved so many times in the past few years that last week I found boxes that were packed in a 2005 move that had never been gone through.  Seriously??!!  I really feel this summer break is the best decision I've made in years and years.  Plus, I'm finally excited about decorating the entire home.  Most rooms don't have anything on the walls yet (and I've lived here since January 2009).  I know, I know...  It's time!