Monday, May 31, 2010


This morning I re-potted all my tomato plants (9 total), staked them, and tied them up.  I cleaned out half of my car as well, which is a huge accomplishment.  As the work year goes on, I collect more and more stuff in my car.  It jingles less now, but there is still much to carry inside.  Then I drove to my parent's house and worked for 7 hours in my parent's basement getting ready for the big garage sale.  I am exhausted!!!  But, my sister and I found some interesting things in the basement...some of which will be on the garage sale!  Take a peek...

First, I found this cool spiral notebook.  The smurf pictured and the message on this notebook seemed to be a good theme for my adventures in basementland today.

Then I found this autograph.  Yep, that is Trent Green, NFL star.  But wait...this autograph is from when he was still in college!  On the other side of this paper is his fiancee's signature.  His mom worked at my elementary school as a recess aide.  :) 

Then I found these two gems!  New Kids On the Block sheets (never opened, MINT condition), and my NKOTB cap with signatures.  I'm also getting rid of all my NKOTB cassette tapes...which is a hard thing to do.  They were such a prized possession!  The florescent colors are blinding on this cap.  Look at your own risk.

Check it out!!!  I found my stash of Garbage Pail Kids trading cards!!!  These are being stored in a very secure location.  Hilarious!

We found a bunch of shrinky-dinks!  There were loads of My Little Pony, Rainbow Bright, and Cabbage Patch shrinky-dinks.  We're saving them...

And last, but not least, we keep finding these.  That's right, Tee-Ties!  The accessory for your T-shirt!  My favorite is the Batman shaped one pictured above which was mine.  Love it!  Used to wear these ALL the time. :)

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