Sunday, May 30, 2010


On Thursday, I met my sister and we ventured to Washington University in St. Louis together.  Katie just graduated with her certificate in Clinical Research Management from there, and she needed to pick up her certificate.  I think she really wanted me to go because she doesn't know her way around that area or campus...which is strange because she works at WashU and took classes there.  But, to her defense, she only works/studies on the Med Campus and we had to go to the main campus.  Anyway...I'm never comfortable anywhere standing in the middle of a sidewalk with a giant map outstretched trying to find where I am going.  And, that's just what happened.  Katie and I, standing in the middle of a WashU courtyard with a giant map looking all tourist-y.  But, we got her certificate and even ventured to the bookstore.

I wanted this cup, but Katie wouldn't buy it for me.  So sad...

But then, we went to the clearance section and I saw this:

I'm not sure if you can see it or not, but these mugs are speckled.  And, like any good music therapist, I start singing to my sister:  5 green and speckled mugs...sat on a ....  you get the picture.  She about left me in the store.  ;)

On Saturday, I started the ginormous task of helping my Mom start to weed out the family basement in the hope of getting rid of a bunch of junk at a garage sale or giving it away.  My parent's basement is crazy insane.  It's a miracle that I'm not on that show Horders.  Yes, a bunch of the junk is mine, and I'm trying to downsize by quite a bit.  The problem is that the majority of the stuff is work related.  UGH.  Children's books, file folder games, laminated stuff, random instruments, recorded music, old files, binders of MT info from college and grad just seems to go on and on.  Luckily, for most things I'm asking myself:  have you used this in the last year or two?  Will you use this in the next year?  Does this have some significant sentimental value?  Keep or pitch...

Here are some treasures I found on Saturday that will be on the sale table.  Get ready for this awesomeness.

That's right.  I found this VHS entitled, "Preparing for your wedding dance."  No one knows where it came from.  Apparently, it magically appeared in a box of junk.  Then there was this poster that was mine.  I call it my "Totally Minnie" poster. 

Yes, that is a late 80s, early 90s version of Mickey & Minnie.  Anyone else remember the TV movie entitled, Totally Minnie?  Released in 1988, my sister and I recorded it on VHS off of the TV when it aired.  I think I still have the whole thing memorized.  I loved it!  And when I watched the American Idol finale this past week (before the rediscovery of the prized poster), Janet Jackson's performance immediately reminded me of this:

And yes, in the next week or so I will probably watch Totally Minnie in it's entirety on YouTube. :)

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