Monday, May 30, 2011

Book Review: unPlanned

Usually, I do not read an entire book from cover to cover in 24 hours unless it is part of the Twilight Saga or Harry Potter Series.  I typically read about 10 books at a time, rotating my interest between how I am feeling each day.  This weekend, however, I read an entire book in 24 hours.  It was unPlanned by Abby Johnson.

I love biographies.  I think it has to do that I'm fascinated with hearing a person's story.  My former business colleague and professor, Tom Conran, ignited a fire in me to listen to each person's story and to strive to be a great storyteller.

Tom Conran

So, on with the book review!  UnPlanned was a little different than I anticipated.  I knew it was a book with a pro-life and christian message, but I didn't expect to get so drawn into a story line with a main character who was through most of the book very pro-choice and pro-planned parenthood.  Yet, I was engaged from the very beginning.  While reading, I felt like I was experiencing the transformation and change of heart with Abby, and it was a bit emotional.

Overall a great read, no matter your stance on Planned Parenthood or abortion.  In fact, if you are pro-choice, I challenge you to read this book.  You might be surprised.

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