Saturday, May 28, 2011


Rarely do I have a bad experience at a craft store.  Unless, of course, you consider how much money I spend!  That is, until today.  Up until this evening, I was super crazy excited about the ideas I have to upcycle a bunch of clothes I have into blankets, quilts, scarves, hats, etc., and to start sewing some clothes like skirts for work that will save me some money.  I was excited until I ventured to the St. Peter's JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts.

It has been years since I have seriously shopped for sewing supplies.  In late elementary school and into Jr. High school, I took sewing lessons from a local seamstress.  And, in 7th grade, I took home economics which included a sewing section.  In sewing lessons, I even made my Easter dress one year and a jacket and pants that I wore for 7th grade school pictures.  So, I'm not a complete stranger to the sewing section.  However, it's been about *gasp* 20 years!  GEEZ.

So, I was excited when I walked into JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts for the first time.  Then I was overwhelmed.  Then, I needed help and couldn't find a sales associate to assist me to save my life.  THEN, I waited in line for 20 minutes to check out so I could buy my half price pin cushion (among other things).  When I was overwhelmed and needed some help, I had a "Saved by the Bell" moment from the past...

I'm so...SEW....SCARED!  Well, maybe not scared, but overwhelmed. :)

I did buy a pattern for a cross body laptop bag, which I'm excited about, and I bought some things I don't have at the house like a seam ripper, pins, and a pin cushion.  I know I have these things somewhere...probably in my parent's basement...that has been packed in a random box for 20 years.  UGH.

I bought a new sewing machine that should arrive just in time to start my summer break.  I have a sewing machine that was my Gramma's...or my Great Aunt Irma's?  I don't remember which one.  BUT, it's, again, in my parent's basement and it's one of those machines that i part of a table, which I absolutely do NOT have room for at my house.  So, the new singer went on a good sale, and I broke down and bought it.

Do you have any great upcycle patterns or ideas that I could use?  Great patterns I should check out?  I'm really looking for a pattern for an all soft body doll (head, too)...I have a great idea to expand my small crafting business if I can pull it off! :)

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