Tuesday, January 19, 2010

better than wallpaper

I realized over the weekend that I've been in my St. Charles apartment/townhouse for a year now. Yay! I still love it here, but I also noticed I have not hung anything on the walls yet. Well, okay, I have something above my couch and a cross collage in my bedroom. But that's it! So, here's what I did in the upstairs hallway today.

Much better than wallpaper! The door straight ahead it to the bedroom, the the right the bathroom, and to the left the conservatory (office, craft room, music room, and library). I like it. I know some people may cringe at a lot of crosses in my house (especially in the bedroom), but it's my house. I like it. DEAL.

I also had an unexpected knock on my door this evening. A woman I didn't know was standing outside. Apparently, she got some of my mail. I'm SO glad she brought it by! It was a necklace I ordered from Etsy. It is gorgeous! I love it, check it out on my awesome neck.

Love it! Now I'm off to finish watching American Idol and get ready for bed. My 8:00 session will come very early tomorrow morning.

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