Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Apocalypse Nowish

Signs that the end is nigh?

Weird things are happening.  And what happens tonight?  The weirdest random thing of all.   Since the beginning of 2011, many natural disaster things have and continue to happen in my area, and I'm to the point where I am wondering if it will end any time soon.

Multiple destructive tornadoes in the St. Louis area?  Check.

Large hail on more occasions that I can count at my house?  Check.

Solar flare knocking out cell and GPS service?  Check.

Earthquake that woke me from my slumber and shook my home?  Check.

Cicada infestation?  Check.

What does the Book of Revelation say?  Did I miss anything?  Did somebody say, "repent?"  Oh yeah, I almost forgot the weirdest of them all.  I often randomly surf through random blogs trying to find something interesting to read or follow.  Tonight I stumbled across a blog of someone I know.  Who?  Oh, just my ex-fiance.

I was not expecting that.  At all.  I cannot ever remember stumbling across a blog and realizing I knew the owner before.  It's so strange.  And yet, my inner dialogue response was the weirdest of all.  I considered the possibility of commenting on a post.  This is definitely going to prayer with me tonight, but I have to wonder the big question of "why."  It would be great if you gave me a clue to what you're doing, God.  Thanks.

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