Wednesday, June 8, 2011

B90: Day 1

Today is the official first day of the Bible in 90 Days challenge that I'm doing this summer (B90).  I actually read the readings for today last week because I thought it was starting last week, but I'll blog about it now. :)

Readings today:  Genesis 1:1 - Genesis 16:16

How many times have I read Genesis?  Many.  My thoughts on the opening of Genesis seem to change throughout the years.  The past several years it has reminded me of the Easter Vigil Mass on Holy Saturday because the first OT readings are of the beginnings.  But, this year, I thought more about science.  I guess it's because I'm watching all these science shows on television about how the universe works, but it's interesting to weave the Big Bang, black holes, and supernovas into the Genesis creation.

I continue to be amazed at how Mary plays into the creation story and how in the NT she's the new Eve. I love making those connections new again.

And, on the day I read about Noah and the rainbow, I saw a real rainbow.  Made my heart go all a twitter.

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